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World Trade Center Attack
Note the pair of oppositions : Venus/Uranus ( some connection with commercial airliners) and Saturn/Pluto (highly destructive), and the nearly exact trine of Mercury sitting on the ascendant to Saturn and it's applying sextile to Venus. The Summer Ingress at NYC has nova 1987a on the Midheaven (the point directly overhead) and Neptune nearby. Perhaps more significantly the Moon at 27 Gemini almost exactly opposes the perihelion of comet Kahoutec (12/73) at 27 Sagittarius - this brings the oil/near east/ international trade issues to the fore. Remember the lines for gas and those that briefly followed this incident.
  Several astrologers have called attention to the void of course Moon (she was not forming any more aspects before leaving the sign she is in) and the prominent Mercury on the ascendant. The Moon can be seen as being within minutes of the exact opposition of the comet and the star Sinistra and Mercury disposes of the Moon and Saturn, is in fact in reception with Saturn.  

  Other Highlights

It is also important to note that the fixed star Algol is near the ascendant and part of fortune and that it circles at approximately the same latitude as NYC. The Towers of the trade center were decapitated. Consider also that at the Winter Ingress, Algol was conjunct Saturn and following the Eclipse of 12/25 there were earthquakes in India and the vicinity of Seattle.

Neptune tends to complicate things and generally muddy the waters - assigning direct responsibility has been very difficult, but Neptune is also in it's exaltation suggesting that psychics and astrologers might make some contribution to resolving the mystery . There is also some confusion about exact times of events, the birth date of Osama Bin Laden, and the impact of this event on the markets, The numerology, both EQ and traditional is also interesting.

There are clues, connected with the locations of the fixed stars and significator and a look back at the ingresses, as to where the attack originated.

The Stars

Algorab is conjunct the ascendant. It is a third magnitude star in the Raven, spectral type A0, declination 16:31 South. It is a double star showing pale yellow and purple. Traditionally it has the nature of Mars and Saturn and due to type it has some Neptune influence, it's spectra also suggest a touch of Venus. Generally it is said to give destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying; and to be connected with scavenging. (Robson) and sometimes suicide The constellation is said to give craftiness and ingenuity. It is sometimes a factor in the charts of agitators. Here on the ascendant with Mercury and in trine to Saturn it suggests the success of a fiendish plan. Note also that as a South latitude star in a figure for a North latitude place, it also suggests leveling or undermining. The location of this star suggests connections with locations at 16 & 1/2 degrees. This would correspond to a locations probably in the Philippines due to the meridian. There are other locations on these latitudes of course but this seems most likely. North Australia also coordinates but that seems incredible.

Nashira is conjunct Uranus retrograde. The star is somewhat Saturnian, it's F2 spectra suggest some Mercury influence as well. It suggests overcoming by evil and danger from beasts. It is a 4th magnitude at 16:40 South. and suggests the Caribbean and possibly Peru.

There were no parallels directly to planets but these stars form a star parallel between the ascendant and Uranus which opposes Venus. Testimony to a sudden and devastating event. There is also the suggestion that the raven may be the apt symbol of the terrorists. This may suggest something darker but that is pure speculation. In the Qaballa, the qliphoth or utterly unformed, destructive and chaotic shadow of the sphere corresponding to Venus is called the Ravens of Dispersion.

Possibly the best and brightest star in the figure (by obvious conjunction at any rate) is Naos a second magnitude star in the Ship and slightly lunar with, according to tradition, a nature similar to Jupiter and Saturn. Although the constellation as a whole has been connected with prosperity form voyages it ahas also been associated with drownings. Situated on the deck, and considering the connotation of Jupiter/Saturn, it likely shows a change in course and the mixed reactions of governments (Leo on the 11th with Venus there and opposed Uranus - mostly they were shocked ). This may also indicate the subsequent failure of other attempts at hijacking and the temporary diversion of flights to Canada.

It is also likely important that the Moon opposed not only the perihelion of Kahoutec but also the fixed star Sinistra. A 3 & 1/2 magnitude star at 9:46 South. Sinistra has a connection with poisonings and with some authors to sorcery, so it is not surprising that there is concern over chemical and biological attacks.

It also emphasize the concern over pollutants from the burning of fossil fuels (fuel crisis shown by Kahoutec and poisons shown by Sinistra) that has grown since the early 70s.

Summary and Prognosis

This was a sudden and devastating attack against which there was no defense. The Moon's opposition to the Comet and Star show the effects as virtually immediate and the towers collapsed within the hour. Indications form the previous Ingreses show an explosive event causing much mortality. Algorab conjunct the ascendant shows the character of the terrorists and their suicides in the course of the attack. Mercury shows, among other things, that the group that directly carried out the attacks was relatively young or new and that their parent organization was well established (Mercury/Saturn reception). The target or victim is shown by the 7th house, in this case Aries ruled by Mars applying to oppose Jupiter. Aries on the 7th suggests that we were largely unsuspecting but, we thought, wary. Mars in his exaltation n Capricorn shows that we are strong but beset by internal difficulties (Mars is low in the chart and headed for the opposition) but that (trine to Sun in the 12th) we will likely succeed in the end (this is the last aspect before Mars leaves his sign) by secret means . For the short term expect some policy differences to surface about 10 days after the attack (9/21) another attack, but resisted better, within 14 days (9/25) and some sort of shakeup as a result (Mars will reach the IC by horary rules).

For the medium term watch when Mercury turns retrograde (October 2nd to 23rd) which may show some reverses for the terrorists; when Neptune turns direct on the 18th of October and Uranus on the 30th with Saturn/Pluto exact again on Halloween and the conjunctions of Mars with Neptune and Uranus in November (6th and 26th). Longer term - Saturn/Pluto are opposed again in May, on 5 September 2002, Saturn will transit the Moon position of the event and oppose Kahoutec and Sinistra; Pluto will conjunct that point in January 2007. These are things to watch as likely event points, their interpretation depends on a consideration of the Ingresses, Eclipses and Moons yet to occur. And other positions of interest will arise from those. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 2007 may show a change in direction or even the conclusion of this matter on December 11 2007. No, the events set in train by this event won't be ended soon. I suspect that these events were actually set in motion at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of May/June 2000 followed by the triple Eclipse month of July 2000. I have not noted eclipses in my timeline and they should also be considered. They will be covered as they occur.

There are a few other things that could be said about the figure and the event it stands for but this covers the main points and the things to watch in the future. I'll probably make reference to this chart and may add a little more but for now it's time to move on.

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