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Services for Astrologers

Fast Features and Self Service

This section includes links to our automated chart services which are now available, a quick transit summary based on cosmobiology (in development), Quick answers to selected horary questions (in development), and other features as they become available or go into development.


For astrologers a self service, no cost feature to convert astronomical position references for stars, comets, and novas, new asteroids or the location of man made objects in space to their astrological reference. This is to make it easier for those interested in these items to work with them. We also make our starlists available for other astrologers - initially you will have to enter the data for positions and angles and a report will be returned with the stars and interpretive notes, later we will let you enter the chart data and get the star reports directly.. Initially we will offer only conjunctions in longitude and birth latitude stars but will add conjunctions in right ascension and promissors later. As we complete our work on the lists, we will also furnish a link to Kepler where it will appear as an add on module.

We also have a project in development to produce astrological maps of cities and their environs based on their foundation dates and locations.

Other fast and self service features will be added as they are developed. Any suggestions or requests for items you'd like to see in this section are welcome.







Company Chart (business birth chart)
Business Horary (question)
Employee, Partner, Competitor Charts

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