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Taxes & Accounting

You may choose one or all of our business service packages, each has a number of options which affect the cost and the ease with which you have access to the information. Depending on how you deliver your information to us and the combination of services that you choose, your costs for support services can be greatly reduced and the time spent on detail virtually eliminated. The method of exchagining information and the degree to which it is organized are the major factors. Obviously, the less we have to do to organize the raw data and get it into machine readable form, the less time it takes and the less we need to charge.


As a point of policy we prefer to prepare tax and accounting information on a monthly or quarterly basis with annual reports. Payroll is an exception as it is usually done on a weekly basis This approach will also insure that you are not vulnerable to penalties and interest on your taxes.

We do everything in our power to insure your privacy and security.










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