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Magical Applications

The services below are primarily concerned with magick and metaphysical applications - the best times and designs for such things. Note that Renaissance Astrology also covers this to some extent. See the Crimson Rose for a list of neopagan traditions but bear in mind that astrological timing for such things has been found useful in a wide range of traditions. There are regular feasts and ceremonies, workings and special events and the fabrication or consecration of various artefacts, weapons, incenses, oils, talisman, etc. All of which are generally more effective with proper timing and sometimes totally ineffective without it. Viewing the charts before hand also aids in planning and focusing the Work. Of course this method is also useful for the obvious - the timing of the commencement of an operation or the casting of a spell or the best time for conjuration or invocation.


As those of you who have perused the literature already know, there are a number of ways to do these things depending on ones tradition, heritage, and preference. Those of you who have experimented to any degree, also know that results aren't consistent. Whatever your background; loading the dice in favor of the desired result by aligning your activities with the astrological energies and avoiding those times that are unfavorable for a particular Work, is always advisable. In fact, based on personal experience and experiences others have shared , it appears to be the critical factor. If the energy isn't there, you really can't expect much.

Good design is also a factor Again, regardless of your tradition, there are certain universal correspondences which work. Adding the specific forms and spirits connected with your particular tradition puts the activity in your terms but it's success or failure usually depends on timing and the wise use of appropriate correspondence.





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