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Business Astrology

Why would a business use astrology ? Businesses have planning needs and astrology (mundane astrology ) is a good tool to estimate future conditions. Businesses have timing needs - when is the best time to open the new store, start the project, close the doors, sign the contract, and so on (electional and natal astrology). Businesses also have specific questions about new opportunities and developments arising unexpectedly (horary astrology ). There are also issues to be resolved about human resources and joint efforts with other businesses (synastry - a special kind of natal astrology that compares two or more charts). The final decision always rests with the business owner or director but astrology can make his or her decisions much more informed. It neither usurps the executive function nor encourages fatalism. It is, ideally, used as a proactive decision tool. Informed choice leads to freedom and prosperity.

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Group Astrology

Why would a group use astrology ? Everything that applies to businesses also applies to groups but there are some additional considerations. In a small groups astrology can be very useful in the process of admitting new members. It can be helpful in understanding and beneficially directing group dynamics. And it can be very useful in selecting the most favorable times for group activities and for planning them. This activity planning function can be useful in planning anything from a sponsored event like a concert to selecting a time for a group ceremony of any kind.

Of course it can also be used to consider the effects of unexpected events on the group and for understanding and managing the group's interactions with other groups. Usually this will be done by means of horary astrology.

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