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The Extended Tree of Life and the Cosmos

A few lists of basic correspondences follow.

The Montreal Arrangement

0 represents the zodiac as our reference circle for the seasons and for the heavens as a whole, more philosophically it represents the arena in which our local cosmos or the solar system manifests.

A Graphic Representation of the Tree

1 Uranus -the shock and the creative impule that stimulates manifestation and evolution; traditionally the Crown and the emanation of the Will of God. In Polarity with the Sun (6) - 1 is the rational. 6, the sensual

2 Neptune - mystery, art. illiusion, mysticism; traditionally Wisdom and the All-Father. In polarity with Pluto (3) - 3 rational, 2 sensual

3 Pluto - fate, compulsion, force majeur, sex, power and death; traditionally Understanding and the Great Mother (tradition places Saturn here). In polarity with Neptune - psychic (rational) vs mystical (sensual).

4 Jupiter - law, expansion, order, the greater fortune; traditionally Mercy. In polarity with Mars (5) - 4 rational, 5 sensual.

5 Mars - energy, drive, executive ability, force and the lesser malefic; traditionally Strength.In polarity with Jupiter

6 Sun - mind, spirit, male principle, balance, personality; traditionally Beauty with the connotation of symmetry and harmony.

7 Venus - sensuality, art, affections, learning, the lessser benefic; traditionally Victory

8 Mercury - communication, skill, craft, intelligence; traditionally Splendor

9 Moon - form, emotion, soul., female principle; traditionally the Foundation.

10 The Earth with a connection to the Part of Fortune as well - the body, the experience of the world in manifestation; traditionally the Kingdom.

11 Saturn - structure, the bones, the whole mind, inhibition, concentration, as the last visinble planet - the boundary between the visiuble and invisible worlds; traditionally the Abyss.

12 The Dragons Tail - heredity and separativeness, a minor infortune; no traditional correspondence but from it's nature as the shaper and sometime executor of karma - the Forge.

13 Persephone - karma cultural millieu - this may be an actual planet or an artefact of the interactions of other elements but as a representative for the limit at which Sol can hold planets it works; no traditinal correspondence - as a representative of boundaries and the Zeitgeist - the City.

14 The Dragon's Head - association, evolution, a minor fortune; no traditional correspondence, due to it's nature - Union.

15-21 represent an articulation of the veils 00 The Boundless (Ain Soph) and 000 The Limitless Light (Ain Soph Aur) with 0 as the zodiac is also an articulation of Nothing (Ain).

15 Meteors - meteor showers usually show some defficiency or scarcity; no traditional correspondence, they are often the remains of comets and indicate the difficulties of adjustment to new conditions thus - Austerity, their nature is somewhat Saturnian.

16 Comets - a shakeup in the order of things, new connections, new patterns of assocation, violent change; no traditional correspondence; - Quake. Comets are of the nature of Pluto and due to the shapes of their orbits suggest the the two higher veils -the parabola and the hyperbola. Due to the location of their origens, they bring in influences from the fringes of the system and ,perhaps due to this, the ancient Chinese thought them messengers who brought the decrees of heaven to the world.

17 Stars - these powerful energy sources are the building blocks of the universe, the manufacturers of the chemical elements, they also show the coordinates of events on Earth and the extent of influence of any factor with which they connect. No traditional correspondence, as the essence of personality - Persona..

18 Apparitons - ths sphere includes the mysterious and the alien - mass visions, extraterrestrials, ufo sightings, and all that sort of thing, while there is no physical correspondence, these things are a part of our psyches and experience. By their nature - Phantom. Of the nature of Neptune.

19 Novas - breakthrough, disruption, paradigm shift. The death of a star releases it's elements and a great deal of energy thus making the cosmos a different place; no traditional correspondence. Due to their action - Bounty. Novas are of the naure of Uranus.

20 Pulsars, Black Holes,Quasars and such - these represent vast energies in deep space or results of the deaths of stars, the greatest and most raw known energy sources; no traditional correspondence - due to their likely role in the cosmic cycle of renewal - Phoenix.

21 Galaxy - while ours is one of many, all are aggregates of stars and the energy sources, raw or subtle, shown by 18 and 20. This is why it shares a sphere with 17, they are manifestations of each other; no traditional correspondence. Due to the representation of totality - Cosmos

This, then is an astrological Tree incorporating the discoveries of science in an abstract model suitable for the consideration of astrological and correspondence theory. It is far from the last word on the matter but it has been found to be servicable.


Tarot Correspondences

The tree in this form naturally lends itself to a correspondence to the Trumps of the Tarot and to the deck as a whole. Note that the titles of the Thoth deck are used and that the counterchanged positions are retained to give the lemniscate view of the zodiac which result in changing the place or attributes of IV and XVII, and of XI and VIII. This offers additional insights into the nature of the signs.

Sephira Number Trump Portion of the whole deck
  0 Nothing O The Fool Trumps
  1 Crown I  The Magus Aces
  2 Wisdom II  The Priestess Twos
  3 Understanding III The Empress Threes
  4 Mercy IV The Emporer Fours
  5 Strength V The Hierophant Fives
  6 Beauty VI The Lovers Sixes
  7 Victory VII The Chariot Sevens
  8 Splendor VIII Adjustment or Justice Eights
  9 Foundation IX The Hermit Nines
10 Kingdom X Fortune Tens
11 Abyss XI Lust or Strength Kinghts
12 Forge XII The Hanged Man Queens
13 City XIII Death Princes
14 Union XIV Art or Temperance Princesses
15 Austerity XV The Devil Disks or Coins
16 Quake XVI The Tower Wands or Clubs
17 Persona XVII The Star Swords
18 Phantom XVIII The Moon Cups
19 Bounty XIX The Sun Court Cards
20 Phoenix XX The Aeon or Judgement Small Cards
21 Cosmos XXI The Universe All Cards

The Extended Tree of Life and the Cosmos :

It is worth noticing this one-to-one correspondence with the Tarot Trumps and others between the 14 points of the this Tree proper with the current batch of constellations sidereally in the zodiac and with the cycles of the Moon.


There is a definite rationale for the correspondences based primarily on astronomy and astrology but there are also metaphysical and philosophical implications. One of these is a view of the tree as a model describing the cycle of incarnation. This view has been grealty clarified by the researches of neuroscience and the notion of the embodied mind. It may be of interest as a first framework for considering the principle of reflection - "as above, so below". In its manifest portion in the main tree of 14 points, it may also be useful in looking at correspondence to waxing and waning phases (the Moon and Saturn have the strongest obvious correspondence with 28 days and 28 years respectively). The correspondence that comes to mind is waxing and waning phases to the ascending and descending spirit, and to the dexter or applying and sinister or separating phases of an aspect series or orbital cycle. Correspondences to the Life Cycle of a star also come to mind. It may also turn out that this way of thinking may lead to a better understanding of the Transpluto 'bodies' used by the Uranian school of astrology often to good effect.

The Cycle of Incarnation

This is a philosophical view of the descent of Spirit into matter and of the spirit's entry or return to the cycles of incarnation. There is inflence from more than one tradition.

20 Chaos, the mother of change and the beginnig of new currents. The Cauldron of rebirth and the realms of the unembodied. Emergence of the Spirit.

19 The kindling of the life force with it's currents of sex and evolution though only in potential at this point. The reaching for the curents and resources of possibility. The birth of the Will.

18 Sense of other, identity, possibility. Sense of the limitless and the possinilities of being and dissolution. A sense of the ocean of being.

17 & 21 The self begotten star, the Spirit and Will as related to and defined by a cosmos. More particularly as an identity in a galaxy of identities as yet without a vehicle for defined consciousness and experience.

16 Division, violent change and the allignments of the star form a purpose to be manifested. The struggle of the aggregate elements that support life and the vehicles through which purpose is pursued are sensed (often with a shock).

15 The process of differentiation, limitation and incarnation begin. The possibilities of forms and their limitations are sensed.

0 The arena of experience and the battle of life is entered. A starting point and the conditions of begining an incarnation are chosen or gravitated toward. The house of evolution wherein stars achieve awareness through union with experience. The Fool is born and The Great Work begins.

1 The star enters the universe of circumstance and chance with only WIll as a guide. The Will may be considered the Divine Spark or Will of God or as the True Will of the Star. It is the seed of the incarnation and the beginning of experience. Whether or not this costitutes 'life' as yet is a controversial issue, clearly this is the point at which the egg is fertilized for humans or the seed is planted for plants. All genetic and any previous life information is contained and is now subject to he fortunes of the cosmos it has entered. It's utimate fate is disincarnation, it's Will and purpose known not even to itself but to be discovered in the process of experience. The Word has been uttered, it's meaning is not yet known. This is also the point of being or existence in a field of possibilities, not all of which lead to actual incarnation.

2 The star is distinguished from other and begins to blindly collect te materials to build itself. Mathematically this is the line as distinguished by two points, in this case, self and other. It is also the point at which the star assumes that there is some cause for it's existence. Traditionally this cause is associated with the father and with god.

3 The star senses forces beyond it's control. Patern, fate, parent - the mother or the Great Mother from which the star recieves the substance to become ( or in some cases is denied it). Sex and destiny in terms of the systems of the body are set. The future natural development of the embryo is determined. Mathematically this gives us three points - here : child, father, mother - which describe a plane. A plane surface gives the image of a map or a table or a stage and returns us to the idea of fate.

4 The vehicle of the star with it's symmetries and solidity take form, the pattern set in 3 is filled out. The rules of organic function peculiar to this particular combination of flesh and spirit are developed. Mathematically, the addition of a fourth point to a plane defines a solid form in three dimensions. This also is the idea of expansion into three dimensions and expansion in general. Growth is the alternative to death.

5 The star experiences independent energy and motion. The foetus kicks. Time and desire begin subjectively. Strength is aquired. The union of matter and energy in a potential form is complete. The struggles of life may begin.

6 The star accepts existence in a body (or not - the Sun is also sudden death) and aquires self awareness or at least an awareness of it's needs (Leos yoju know). Harmony and dsisonance, balance and imbalance become sensible. .

7 The star develops sensory organs,. Pleasure and pain become meaningful and thereby the possibility of learning and curiosity. Affection and aversion develop. Later this will be refined to include Love and Hate.

8 The star aquires the ability to manipulate itself and begins to develop an appreciation of cause and effect and logic which will later develop into the skills of the intellect and craft. Later this will develop through imitation and exposure.

9 The chemical balances of the body are established and with them the emotions and the astral form and aura. These are the fondation of habits, tastes, and inclinations - more the urges than the emotions but with 7 these develop. These also form the basis of memory with 8.

10 The star is embodied and birth gives it independent existence. It is not qjuite a tabula rosa but it doesn't really have much access (in most cases) to any past expeience and confronts the world as a new being to benefit or not from the experience and to become. .

11 The body of the star continues to mature and the embodied mind develops. The star develops or srtciualates a personality and discovers the Mind as well as access to information hat is not, strictly speaking, the result of embodiment. The bomes and the brain continue to grow to maturity and through the mind, the star percieves the actuality of life and death, of the gap between the Ideal and the Actual, and the visible and the invisible. If so inclined and equipped the star explores philosophy, religion, science, magick, etc. It learns to continue growing in non-physical ways - t lkearns the principle of magickal expansion. It also aquires a personality based on all this.

12 The star becomes aware of hereditary factors and the it's own heredity, a sense of history and of separateness. It attempts to build on it's strengths and compensate for it's weaknesses. It may also experience the conflict of dogma with purpose which often leads to separation even from kin and lovers.

13 The star aquires an appreciation of the world which it did not create and of culture and society. The point aquires will ( no necessarily spiritual), vision, imagination, and rebelliousness. (This partly based on 13 as the first unity after 1). Karma and convention and the limitations of the social system as well as how to deal with them are aquired.

14 The star experiences other stars, more or less on their own terms, and becomes aware of the possibility of union. Sex, friendship, enmity, partnerships, cooperation and opposition and the myriad other possible relationships among stars are experienced or at least known. (If we experienced everything in a single incarnation, we would most likely dissolve in the boundless - it is a limitation of our form.)

0 After completing an incarnation (or having it cut short by chance or another's action), the star returns to the beginning shedding all accretions but memory in the process. Depending on many factors this process may take more or less time with the star eventually returning to the cauldron ready to begin another journey of becoming and experience. Whether or not there is an exit point from this cycle is not known. Some (the Bhuddists come to mind) sugest that there is, some suggest that there is no cycle but that one incarnates only once and is judged ( the Christians are fond of this view), others suggest that one is judged after each life before going on to the next ( some neo pagans and some Egyptians appear to hold this view), and yet others suggest that one lives here once and then persists in an underworld until the spirit fades which may be forever (the Sumnerians were fond of this idea). We all have our opinions and beliefs on the mater but none of us has much in the way of solid verification . Our proofs and evidence may satisfy us but none that is objectively convincing has been found to date.

This view of cyclic development or descent is modeled on several spiritual traditions and the neuroscience notion of the embodied mind. The notion of the embodied mind suggests that, although we may well have memories from past lives - even at birth, we lack the biomachinery to coherently organize them and so tend to lose acess to them until later in life when the biomachinery needed for the task has (re) developed.

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