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William Lilly, the astrologer of his age
Lilly's information is from Gadbury and included to show an excellent astrologer who shied away from astrological magic but was not entirely unsympathetic. Gadbury gives 5/01/1602 at 2 am.

Born on a Wednesday in the night hour of the Moon. Szygy is full moon at 15 Scorpio. Lilly lived to the age of 78.



Lord of the Ascendant : Jupiter retrograde in Libra in the 8th

Almutem Figuris : Mars in Virgo in the 7th

Final Dispositor : Venus in Taurus in the 3rd

Sun Taurus, Moon Capricorn, Pisces rising

Notes : Lilly's skepticism and partisan attitudes are highlighted by Saturn in the 9th opposed his Venus. His sympathy to the occult is shown by Jupiter and Fortuna in the 8th but the square from the Moon and Jupiter's retrograde seem to have put him off. Likely he availed himself of another for this sort of aid and kept it to himself. His Mars in the 7th and also his AF shows his military and political involvements and that he developed spiritually thereby.

Biographic references :

Comment : Note Lilly's stellium in Taurus and the alignment of the nodes with his meridian/nadir.

The comet of 1607 squares his Mars and Ascendant, the comet of 1652 falls on his meridian, the comet of 1664 falls on is Jupiter in the 8th, the comet of 1665 falls on his Uranus in the 2nd, and the comet of 1677 falls on his Sun and Venus in the 4th.

William Lilly, 1602 - 1681, highlights of an astrological biography

The Astrologer's Comets

Comet PH Date PH Position Magnitude Period
 Halley 10/27/1607  2:25 Sagittarius    
  11/08/1618  22:36 Sagittarius    
  11/12/1652  18:12 Sagittarius    
  01/26/1661  1:54 Aquarius    
  12/04/1664  11:10 Libra    
  04/24/1665  11:15 Taurus    
  02/24/1668  28:04 Pisces    
  03/01/1672  28:12 Pisces    
Hevel 05/06/1677  20:12 Taurus    
Newton 12/17/1680  25:30 Sagittarius    

This set of comets applies to William Lilly (1602 - 1681). All comets were naked eye visible, research remains to be done on magnitude and period. Perihelions interpolated from Ramus data.

A comet in 1625 appeared but data is insufficient to say much about it and the 1607 comet overlaps the Queen's list.

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