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Queen Elizabeth I, a patron of the Arte
Lord of the Ascendant : Saturn in Cancer in the 7th

Almutem Figuris : Venus in Libra in the 8th

Final Dispositor : Venus in Libra in the 8th with Jupiter independent in Sagittarius in the 12th.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, Capricorn rising.

The Ascendant is hyleg as other factors fail. Mercury is the giver of years after Al Biruni by closest aspect. Mercury's greatest years are 76. The next

candidate is Mars giving 66 as his greatest but there are some problems with this. Jupiter rules the term of the ascendant (another method used) giving a greatest of 79. Mars opposing would subtract his least of 15 giving 64. In this context we should also note that Algol trines her Sun and magically, he preserves the body. By similar reasoning the trine from Mars subtracted from Mercury gives 61. So mid to late 60s is shown and she actually lived to be 69.

Notes : The Queen's Fortuna, Sun, and Venus all fall in the 8th marking her as a friend of the Arte, her Scorpio meridian ruled by Mars in the 5th highlights her difficulties due to infertility. Her tolerant attitudes toward religion and natural philosophy are shown by Mercury in the 9th and her ability and inclination to dispute religious matters by the trine from Mars. .

Links : Luminarium bio

Biographic references : Elizabeth I, The Shrewdness of Virtue - Jasper Ridley

Elizabeth I, by Anne Somerset (checking for Amazon link)

Recommended movies : Elizabeth staring Cate Blanchet for a portrayal of her accession and the difficulties and intrigues surrounding it, and Queen Margot, a period piece set in 1572 at the time of the St. Bartholomew's day massacre for a flavor of the times and some insight into the dynastic problems involved with issues of faith at the time. Both are available from Blockbuster but I don't think either is available for purchase at this time. As realistic period pieces, both are excellent.

Comment : Note Virgo and Pisces as included signs in the 2nd and 8th showing the fiscal constraints she operated under and their influence on her decisions.
This same constraint shown by the included sign is probably why she was a patron rather than a practitioner of the magical arts.Jupiter in her 11th also ruling her 12th and a singleton in the scheme of disposition suggests that she was associated with a number of wirches and magicians and well protected from intrigue and magic. It seems very likely that there is some truth to the legend that witches and magicians across ENgland had a hand in the storms that sank the Spanish Armada but that is pure speculation on my part. At the time (1588), Elizabeth would have been 55 with her directed Sun at about 19 Scorpio about conjunct her Mid Heaven. Astrologically, her finest hour. Her profected ascendant would have been the cusp of the 8th house emphasizing the great loss of life involved and the hidden strength of her position.

The comet of 1533 heralds her birth and falls in her 7th and should be considered as part of her natal chart, it also sextiles her Sun, conjuncts her Saturn. The comet of 1580 falls on the cusp of her 11th.

Queen Elizabeth I, 1533 - 1603, highlights of an astrological biography

Elizabeth, being a monarch, has a high profile public and political life. John Dee, our previous subject, was her astrologer and magician. Walsingham was her spymaster, and a host of other personages are connected with her life. Her reign marks the establishment of England as a world power rather than a merely European one and established England as a Protestant nation, James notwithstanding. It also marked the flowering of the English Renaissance marked by the works of Shakespeare.

The Queen's Comets
Comet PH Date PH Position Magnitude Period
6/16/1533 25:28 Cancer
Maestlin 4/22/1556 19:37 Aries
10/26/1577 6:26 Pisces
Maestlin 11/28/1580 8:05 Sagittarius
5/06/1582 1:18 Gemini
Halley 10/27/1607 2:25 Sagittarius

This set of comets applies equally to Elizabeth I (1533-1603) and John Dee (1527- 1608). All comets were naked eye visible, research remains to be done on magnitude and period. Perihelions interpolated from Ramus data.

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