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Franz Bardon - (12/01/1909 – 7/10/1958) lived to age 49 and ½

The chart set for 9pm reflects a best initial effort at rectification. During the early 40s the transit of Mars would have squared his Moon in the 12th and accounted for his imprisonment and maltreatment by the Nazis. The Moon would be hyleg but in terms of  Mercury which is also the planet in closest aspect. Mercury’s poor dignity, combustion, and modest placement give mean years of 48 which accords closely with his 49 ½. He was thought to be one of 13 children. Jupiter in his 3rd disposing of his Sun and Mercury in Sag and their trine

to the Moon in the 12th tend to support this. His father was reputed a mystic and the ruler of his 4th in the 8th supports this. Jupiter in the 3rd would make for a fairly prolific writer and Saturn ruling his 6th in square to Neptune opposed Uranus could account for his career as a stage magician. It is possible that he was born slightly earlier and that Saturn may actually have been in his 10th but this seems unlikely based on the information available. It seems more likely that he may have been born slightly later giving an extra bite to the Mars square Moon with Mars afflicting career as it imprisoned and abused him.

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