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Cosmic Patterns - Astrological software with flexibility and a reasonable price.
  Astronomy & Mathematics


Sky and Telescope Magazine

Planetary Science Research

Hubble Images and News

Space News

Solar System Simulator

AAVSO: News Flashes

The Electronic Sky

Astronomy Magazine

Enterprise Maps the South Pole


3000 year ephemeris at Astrodienst


The Analemma


Magic Squares and Such

Astrologers and Lists


Spiritus Mundi : Discussion list on Renaissance Astrology and astrological magic. Christopher Warnock moderator. 
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Data : Discussion group focused on current events and research. Extensive and growing databases. Lee Miller moderator.  
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Lehman Associates - Excellent courses in Classical Astrology and excellent books - I highly recommend The Martial Art of Horary Astrology and Essential Dignities.

Baraquel Astrologer - The special feature of this site is horse racing based on Sepharial's Silver Key. It is also an otherwise excellent traditional astrology site. Queen's Counselor member site.

Renaissance Astrology - Traditional astrology with loads of information, great graphics, and courses. Queen's Counselor member site.

The White Rose of Provence Lynne Crandall - astrology with an aromatherapy and a psychic twist, and again great graphics.

Medieval Astrology - Robert Zoller- leading site on Medieval Astrology and Predictive Astrology. Great graphics.


The Astrology Center of America - Great source for books on astrology and information on famous astrologers. The owner will often tell you where to find a book or information if he doesn't have it.

Reference Sites

Alfred Witte : Uranian Astrology - founder of the Hamburg School or Uranian astrology from which came Cosmobiology.

Solstice Point has an excellent memorials section of astrologers.


We are developing services to astrologers including a planetary hours calculator and a conversion of position from Equatorial reference (RA & Declination) to Ecliptic reference (Zodiacal longitude and latitude) and other interactive on demand functions.



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