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A Note on the Uses of Astrology

Since its first discovery, astrology has inspired one of three opinions. The soft view which considers astrology a guide which can, at least sometimes be overcome and a useful tool for human Will. The hard view which states that astrology shows an unalterable fate. The dismissive view which regards astrology as a harmless or dangerous superstition but certainly not an art worth studying or a tool worth using.

Our position is obviously partisan but we see experience and events as composed of three elements.  Fate, Will and Chance. Without some element of Fate life would dissolve in boundless possibilities. Without Will, life would be without choice and an empty exercise. Without Chance life would be both more predictable and less interesting but it would also lack any potential for evolution and development. Most astrologers today describe fate and sometimes attempt to help the client accept it and find ways to work with it positively. A few, and the number seems to be growing, look at astrology as a proactive tool for making informed decisions and sometimes altering fate. There are best times to do things, there are best choices, and there are remedies for the slings and arrows of fate and chance. Astrologically this results in several types of charts and activities. For planning there are elections or ways to choose the best times in a given window. These will not always be the best times absolutely but by selecting them in this way the choice is optimized under the circumstances and there is more foreknowledge of what to expect. This gives a best available choice and a planning tool. When there is a decision question such as whether or not to buy a car or make an investment or other kinds of choice questions, an horary or question chart can be very illuminating. At one time I did charts for realtors and found things like liens against the property, water problems, and similar good and bad qualities that were not apparent on first inspection and that sometimes were intended to remain hidden. Discovering and managing your personal self and formulating means to change or make the best use of your character or job skills or other qualities, for getting an idea of what to expect next, and similar issues, there is he natal or birth chart. When you know you are not in a good situation or have great desire or seriously want to make a great change, there is astrological magic in the form of talisman and other artefacts. There are other kinds of practical magic and spiritual disciplines where astrology can be useful. It can also be used to plan group activities and business development. On a larger scale, it can also be a useful planning tool for cities and nation states and for other large scale enterprises and operations. This last is called mundane astrology. After a certain point in their studies, and depending on the inclinations shown in their chart, most inquisitive and philosophical astrologers are at least aware of all these uses. We have some expertise in each area and continue to study and learn from experience. We also offer links to the sites of astrologers with specialized and sometimes greater expertise. Second opinions in astrology can sometimes be useful and we do sometimes consult with and learn from one another.

If you are unfamiliar with astrology, we recommend trying our automated service. Like most of these, it does not compare to a live astrologer but it gives a flavor, an inexpensive introduction. If you are a student or an astrologer, or have more than a passing knowledge of astrology, we recommend checking one of the lists on our links page.


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