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Request form for Horary or Question Charts
For all question charts or horaries the primary reference is William Lilly, though effective techniques from others are also used. For all election charts, the methods of the Renaissance astrologers are used. The consideration of natal and relationship charts is derived from a variety of sources. In all cases, significant fixed stars and portents are taken into account and the fusion method which incorporates the use of the outer planets and some modern interpretations using a traditional basis, is also used.


Personal Questions

Question charts answer specific questions or, if the question does not have an immediate answer, help to clarify the situation and understand why the question isn't 'ripe'. Personal questions cover a wide range of situations. Will I benefit from taking this course or this treatment ? Will I find my lost pet, lost ring, lost wallet, or lost tool ? Will I get the job ? Of the three cars I've looked at, which should I buy ? Sometimes, what you want to know isn't really what you ask, so the question sometimes has to be clarified before it can be answered accurately. Compose your question carefully.

Please click here to ask your question : Entry form questions


Births and forecasts

Birth charts for individuals or organizations including businesses, clarify what you have to work with, what to expect, and when to expect it. Such a tool, maps resources and opportunities. It also indicates challenges, liabilities, and threats. Once a chart has been verified, it can be used for forecasts. If the birth time is not precisely known, there is a technique known as recification which can be used to provide a close estimate. Many different areas can be explored with the birth or natal chart. In some cases it makes more sense to use an accurate birth chart than it does a question chart. Initially, a chart needs to be cast and checked for accuracy. Once this is done specific issues and specified periods of time can be explored.

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Elections - when to do it

Elections are the hardest part of astrology. No matter how we try, in life and in astrology, things are just never perfect. Well, maybe if you could wait for just the right moment that only comes around once in a thousand years. There are usually windows of time when the thing must be done. A couple wants to marry in the Spring, a person wants to start a business in the next two years, a couple wants to build a home in the next 10 months, a company wants to build a new plant or office building in the next 5 years, a person wants to set a meeting in the next ten days. These are the kinds of windows we all have for our plans and hopes. What we don't usually have is the best time in that window to act. More often than not, some apparently chance factor forces our hand or we become impatient or we procrastinate. We miss the best time for one reason or another and usually don't realize it until later.

Send us an email describing what you want to do and the time frame you want to do it in. We'll find you the best time in that window if there is one.

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Every relationship is unique. No relationship is perfect. All of them, whether close and caring or venomous and adversarial are assisted by the insight and management methods of astrology. What is the purpose of this relationship ? How does my partner see me ? What are my enemy's weaknesses ? Will it last ? Will it be profitable ? And so on. Send us the birth dates and places, (birth times if you have them), a rough time as to when it began, and what you want to know; we'll sort it out for you.

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Our relationships page needs an overhaul, but check it out.

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