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Fusion Tree - Metaphysical Considerations
The Trees of Eternity is a relatively new way of looking at a model of the universe. It is derived from the passage : ' 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. .... There cometh one to follow thee : he shall expound it. ... ' (II.76 Liber AL). This verse and various textual hints in the book combined with gematria using EQ-11, suggest a model with two trees and a connecting link. Each tree, the manifest and the unmanifest has 10 points while the connecting link has 8 points. These 28 points are corresponded to the 28 entries of the above verse and the 28 arabic lunar mansions. This is one approach to making sense of the verse as a magickal key. Other methods have also been used.
If the Trees are folded exactly in half, there are then two sets of 14 points which can be viewed as a visible and an invisible or reverse side correspondence on the fusion tree. In regard to the lunar mansions, the attribution can be viewed as a waxing and waning lunar cycle oriented with the precessionsl solar axis given by the use of the zodiac circle in the fusion model.












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