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Fusion Tree - Three Views of Magick Consideration
There are three schools of magic and religion. The first is the Black also associated with the Left Hand Pillar of Severity. It holds that existence is Sorrow. The Left Hand Pillar headed by Pluto embodies the principles of Fate and Rationality. What other rational conclusion when our fate is certain. Among the religions which hold this view are Bhuddism and most varieties of Christianity.
The second school of magic and religion is the Yellow also associated with the Middle Pillar of Balance. It holds that existence is perfect and dynamic, we just need to learn to perceive and appreciate that fact. Go with the flow, integrate and accept. Accept inspiration and challenge as the natural flow and retain your equilibrium when dealing with them. This seems to be the council of existence as Chance, the underlying structures are orderly but, perception needs training to appreciate the fact. Uranus heads this pillar as the chance spark that started it all. Among religons which hold a view similar to this is Taoism.

The third school of magic and religion is the White also associated with the Right Hand Pillar of Mercy or Sensuality. It holds that existence is pure joy. The difficulties are mere spice and contrast without which we could not appreciate the Joy. Attitude, that is Will, makes all the difference. Life is one big (and short) orgasm, there will be others. Among religions which hold this view are some of the more ecstatic and mystical Christian Gnostics, Thelemites, and many neopagans. It is of interest that the chart for the reception of Liber Al (Crowley's Book of the Law which is the foundation of Thelema) was received with Neptune just rising and only a few years after the last Neptune/Pluto conjunction. Neptune heads the pillar of Will or Sensuality or Mercy as it is more commonly known.

Personally I'm somewhere between Yellow and White. I support the Balance and take Joy in every life.

To summarize : Left Rationality Severity Fate Sorrow
Middle Knowledge Balance Chance Perfection
Right Sensuality Mercy Will Joy

So now we know why mainstream religions are so controlling and restrictive, alternative religions often suppressed for having too much fun, and followers of the middle way usually elusive and rarely committal. They represent the pillars of the world. As above, so below.





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