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A Ready Table Whereby to Examine the
Fortitudes and Debilities of the Planets

Essential and Accidental Dignities and Debilities

Essential Dignities  Lilly's Point Values Essential Debilities  Lilly's Point Values
Planet in it's own sign +5 Planet in it's Detriment  -5
Mutual Reception by Sign  +5 Peregrine -5
Planet in it's Exaltation +4 Planet in it's Fall -4
Mutual Reception by Exaltation +4
Planet in it's Triplicity +3
In the Degrees of it's Terms +2
In the Degrees of it's Faces  +1
Accidental Dignities Lilly's Point Value Accidental Debilities Lilly's Point Value
Conjunct Regulus (Cor Leonis) (within 6 degrees)  +6
Conjunct Spica (Virgin's Spike) +5 Conjunct Algol (within 5 degrees) -5
In the 1st or 10th House  +5 In the 12th House -5
Cazimi (within 17' of the Sun) +5 Besieged of Saturn and Mars  -5
Free of Combustion and Beams  +5 Partile Conjunction of Saturn or Mars  -5
Partile conjunction of Jupiter or Venus +5 Retrograde  -5
In 7th, 4th, or 11th Houses +4
Direct in Motion (except Sun and Moon) +4
Partile Trine of Jupiter or Venus +4 Partile Opposition of Saturn or Mars -4
Partile conjunction of Dragon's Head +4 Paritle Conjunction of Dragon's Tail  -4
In 2nd or 5th House +3
Partile sextile of Jupiter or Venus +3 Partile Square of Saturn or Mars -3
In the 9th House +2 In the 6th or 8th House -2
Swift in Motion +2 Slow in Motion  -2
Increasing in Number +2 Decreasing in Number  -2
Moon increasing in light (waxing) +2 Moon decreasing in light (waning)  -2
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars when Oriental +2
Mercury, Venus when Occidental  +2
In the 3rd House  +1

Combustion is when a planet is in the same sign as the Sun and within 8 degrees, 30 minutes of conjunction.

Under the Sun's Beams is when a planet is within 17 degrees of the Sun.

Cazimi or 'in the heart of the Sun' is when a planet is within 17 minutes of conjunction with the Sun.

Partile means exact to the degree.

Increasing and Decreasing in Number refers to the planet speeding up and slowing down, when it is moving faster today than yesterday it is increasing in number and decreasing in number when slowing.

Motion : Swift when faster than average, Slow when slower than average and periods when it is stationary (not moving) and moving in reverse form the viewpoint of planet earth or retrograde.

Oriental is on the half of the chart containing the ascendant, Occidental, the half containing the descendant.

Peregrine means without any essential dignity.

The rest should be self explanatory.

Essential dignity is considered somewhat stronger than accidental but clearly a combination of accidental factors can overcome even the strongest essential dignity. Conversely, very poor essential dignity can be greatly strengthened by accidental factors. Note the importance of reception in transferring dignity and the power of the fixed stars. Also note that the fixed star Algol does make aspects and may thus be a factor in a chart where it does not appear on an angle or conjunct a planet. Note that the brighter fixed stars are always a factor and although we do not have detailed interpretations for all of them, using their magnitude, type, and natures gives a fair idea of how they agree or disagree with any particular planet. When in agreement they tend to magnify and strengthen the planet, when in disagreement, they tend to twist and depress the qualities of the planet. Of course they also add their own influence as well.

The table implies that a planet (excluding the lights of course) that is Direct, Swift and free of Combustion and Beams; although Peregrine has an accidental strength of +6 as being free of Combustion and Beams cancels being Peregrine. That makes the planets strength while peregrine greater than one in his essential ruling sign. Accidental factors can greatly fortify poor essential dignity and this is a key for elections during essentially unfavorable periods. Conversely, accidental factors can undermine essential dignity. Fixed stars also become a critical feature. While Lilly and other traditional astrologers do not discuss the effects of portents explicitly (novas and comets), these are to be judged by their dispositors and accidental dignity.

Please note that this table applies primarily to horaries or the answering of questions. It will also be found to apply in the other branches of astrology but with some modification for natal charts and some additional turns of interpretation in magical elections. Dignity and debility refer to the relative strengths of the planets in expressing their essential natures and granting those things over which they have dominion. In debility they are often yet strong but not in their main qualities. Peregrine planets are at the mercy of accidental factors and the planets that receive them or dispose them.

Of course a table of essential dignities such as is found in Lilly or Lee Lehman's Essential Dignities is necessary for the determination of the minor dignities.

Credit for the data in this reference table goes to Simon Daniels who culled it from Christian Astrology and Propheticall Merlin. The comments in the notes and the arrangement were prepared by Jonathan Flanery.

The tables should fit on one page if you'd like to print them out for reference.



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